Explosion Protection Testing, Isolation Valves, Vents and Systems

Explosion active systems

Active Explosion Suppression Systems

An “active” system detects a rise in pressure long before it reaches an explosive level, and takes all the necessary measures to prevent an explosion from ever occurring

Explosion Isolation Valves

Explosion Isolation Valves

Active and passive isolation prevents propagation of flames and pressure between processes, effectively preventing an explosion from moving through your process piping.

Explosion Prevention

Explosion Venting

Passive Dust Venting Systems - FDA Compliant Materials and Industrial; NFPA, ATEX, OSHA Certified Venting Solutions; Flameless Indoor Flame Quench

Explosion Testing Services

Explosion Testing Services

Hazard Analysis Testing and Support; Dust Testing: Kst, Minimum Explosive Concentration (MEC), Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE); Factory Explosive Dust Testing Facility: 0.5 to 10 Cubic Meter Volume


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