LT Industries

LT Industries

Near Infrared Analyzers for Industrial Processes and Laboratories

LT Industries offers a complete range of process and laboratory analyzers for the Polymer, Chemical, Biofuel, and Pulp & Paper industries. LT analyzers provide continuous real-time monitoring of OH number, Acid number, Viscosity, Moisture, Density, Reaction End Point, Amines, polyols, nylons, PET and more. Their reliable and rugged products have saved their clients millions of dollars in improved product quality and yield.


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Maryland Contact Info

Main Office:
Flow-Tech, Inc.
10940 Beaver Dam Rd
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
Ph: 410-666-3200

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Virginia Contact Info

Central VA Office:
10993 Richardson Rd.
Ashland, VA 23005

Tiderwater VA Office:
Ph: 757-504-5767

Western VA Office:
Ph: 276-207-1794

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