Flexim BTU Meters

Flexim BTU Meters

Flexim BTU MeterFLEXIM is the industry leader in high quality BTU metering BTU metering is serious business – it is a billable utility that must have a high accuracy utility grade measurement

Flexim’s thermal energy meter is a single device  which measures Flow, Supply and Return Temperature, and calculates Thermal Energy in BTU’s or Tons according to the EN 1434 standard.  Many other types of BTU meters have multiple instruments connected together, which creates a higher cost of installation, configuration complexity, and errors associated with components that are not always well suited to thermal energy measurement. Unmatched Class A & B RTD’s are often used, these according to IEC 751 are only accurate to .25oF & .55oF. Flexim delivers certified accuracy of 1% flow measurement with 0.03oF temperature delta accuracy. All this is done without the need to cut into the piping, with clamp-on flow and temperature sensors, reducing cost of installation and increasing reliability.

Clamp-on metering made reliable.

Clamp-on meters use grease couplant to help the signal travel from the transducer into the pipe. In 2005 Flexim introduced a non-grease permanent coupling pad that is good to 400oF. Since that time, with a history of thousands of installed meters, there has no longer been a need to maintain failed meters due to couplant failures. The meters are now 100% maintenance free; this means your facilities personnel have more time for other important activities.

Low Flow capability beyond any other device.

Flexim BTU MeterIt’s not uncommon that flow meters used for BTU submetering have inadequate low flow sensitivity – this undetected flow is unmetered “free energy”. Often BTU systems do not balance well and billing is lost as a result. You don’t realize you have this problem until it’s too late and the meters are in place. Flexim can meter down to 0.03ft/sec velocities reliably – this is below the drop-out point of other meters. Some meters cannot detect flow below .3 - .7ft/sec. Are you losing revenue with one of these meters?

FLEXIM’s premier BTU meter is distinguished by these attributes:
  • NIST traceable 1% “wet flow calibration” – certificate included
  • NIST traceable matched temperature accuracy 0.03oF – certificate included
  • Low Flow capability 0.03ft/sec (beyond other meter types)
  • Solid coupling pad – “no maintenance”
  • Communication protocols – Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet MSTP, BACnet IP, 4-20ma, 0-10v, pulse relay
  • High installed base (references), Institutional (universities), Commercial, Government
  • Excellent support – Service, installation & calibration


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